Resizing Mens Titanium Wedding Bands

Although ring sizing tools are available at the jewellers to ensure that your wedding band fits properly, your wedding band may still not be a perfect fit. What is comfortable to you for that few minutes at the jeweller’s may feel very uncomfortable when wearing it for a whole day.

Luckily, the finger size of a person changes throughout the day, depending on work activity and ambient temperature. Therefore, wedding bands aren’t always a perfect fit no matter how well fitted it was.

But sometimes, the finger size of a person can change drastically such that wedding bands can become very uncomfortable. So resizing of your titanium wedding band may be to be performed. Usually, your jeweller will be able to help you resize your wedding band for free, but mens titanium wedding bands have certain limitations that do not allow resizing beyond half a size.

Mens titanium wedding bands can be tighten using titanium rod tightening. This rod tightening is done by adding a smooth titanium metal wire segment onto the inside of your wedding band. It does not cover the entire inside of the ring band, but only the edges, enough to increase the hold of the titanium wedding band on your finger.

It is fairly thin such that it is almost invisible, very smooth and therefore not noticeable even to the one wearing the wedding band. Also, any engraving on the inside is not covered by the additional titanium metal. However, titanium ring band tightening is only available for basic rings and some special shaped rings. Other exotic ring band designs may not be possible to tighten using such a simple method.

Loosening a ring is trickier, requiring the titanium band to be cut loose somewhere for the ring to be wedged wider, and then filling up the gap with additional metal. Usually the jeweller can polish the new weld such that it is nearly invisible, but there remains a small mark that is observable upon close examination.

Resizing your titanium band by than a half-size tighter or looser will require crafting a whole new ring. Furthermore, certain titanium ring designs such as tension set wedding band cannot be resized.

In general, mens titanium wedding bands should be sized to fit the largest measurement of the finger. A loose ring is more easily tighten than to loosen a tight ring. But of course, your wedding band shouldn’t be overly generous in size such that falls out of your finger on its own.

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